The new series ”Star Social Studies For Pakistan” comprises nine books (0-8) carefully designed and graded for primary and middle classes. An attempt has been made to introduce the children to their past, the environment they live in and the world around.

    The series comprehensively covers the curricula prescribed by the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan, for primary and middle schools on one hand, and adopts a modern approach to enable the Pakistani children to accept the challenge of the

21st century which has dawned with grave issues facing the humanity all over the world on the other.

A vast range of subjects including history, geography, civics, economics, sociology etc. have been combined. The idea is to familiarize the children with the basics of these subjects well before they study them in detail in higher classes.

   The concepts are explained in easy and simple language to ensure that the children comprehend what is

exposed to them. A special care has been taken to deal with the topics by proceeding from known to unknown and from easy to difficult. Colourful illustrations, maps etc. have profusely been used to arouse the interest of the children in the lesson being taught and clear the subject matter being discussed.

    At the end of each lesson copious exercises and interesting activities have been incorporated to help the pupils recapitulate what they have learnt as well as enable them to apply the learnt concepts to their practical life. Teacher’s note for each lesson has been given to aid him/her to supplement the lesson with supportive material.

    It is hoped that embarking on the series of “Star Social Studies For Pakistan” will be a pleasurable and useful experience for both the teacher and the pupils.

    Star Social Studies series for lower secondary school children have been written with the object to acquaint them with the basic knowledge in a very simple and easy way.

    An effort has been made to present the subject matter of each lesson and the exercise in such a way that will simulate the concept of subject matter in the children. The text contains a number of features to aid the students. Maps and coloured pictures have been given frequently to clarify each topic.


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