The "Star Primary Science Series" comprising five elementary books is designed in accordance with the syllabi approved for the primary school level by the Federal Ministry of Education, Islamabad.

In this series the techniques used are the most modern which are successfully being used in developed countries. It is intended to meet the challenges of the new century which calls for radical changes to be brought about in all the fields of life especially education.


While designing the series all-out efforts have been exerted to ensure that the learning outcome is relevant to the students belonging to the age group of primary classes, and that they are able to apply the learnt concepts to the situations they are faced with in their everyday life. Exercises and objective type questions are provided along with the text in each book. The individual and group activities, experiments and the collection of data given in each book are based on the use of science in our daily life and they help


the students to understand the topic not only theoretically but also practically. The contents of the books have been treated in a systematic and logical manner. Each book is colourfully illustrated to make the subject matter lively and interesting. Icons have been used to specify the activities or to indicate whether the given activity or project is to be carried out at individual, group or class level.

In this respect a discussion between the teacher and class will identify how to improvise according to the situation while carrying out an activity so that it suits the needs and interests of individual students and the class as well.


Star Modern Science and General Science series for primary and middle school children have been written with the objective to acquaint them with the basic scientific knowledge in a very simple and easy way.

An effort has been made to present the subject matter of each


lesson and the exercise in such a way that will stimulate the concept of science in the children. Special emphasis has been given on the basic knowledge of living and non-living things, matter food and health, energy, electricity, magnetism, water, light, heat, plants, animals and the simple things around us.

The text contains a number of features to aid the students in analogies, models and experiments. Diagrams have been used to clarify unfamiliar concepts. Exercises and objective type questions have been included to help the students with and guide them through their studies. Numerous examples from everyday life have been included to explain various concepts.


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