The 21st century dawned with the computer/information technology, which will continue to play an important role in shaping the future of our next generations.
        Written in a light, engaging style, Star Understanding Computers for primary and secondary classes level provides students with an essential knowledge of computers and their uses while establishing a firm foundation for further study. Designed with a flexible structure, it is appropriate both as a core text and as part of a lecture sequence.



        A journey through the series will prove its logical and scientific approach. Starting with an introduction to the world of computers and its history, the books move on to discuss its accessories, programming and various applications in a step-by-step and graded manner. The learner is guided through the tasks with well-structured instructions at each stage of an operation.
        While preparing the series, all-out efforts have been made to the effect that students may easily gain the useful practical knowledge of computer. After the child has studied the eight-book series along with acquiring computer operational skill, he/she would be prepared for advanced training in computers.



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